Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month

21c was founded in Bourbon Country. In fact, our first hotel, 21c Louisville, is housed in what was once 5 bourbon & tobacco warehouses.

Each September, we celebrate our beloved liquid gold across all of our restaurants with special cocktail menus and more. For those who want to continue those celebrations at home, we’ve got you there too. This year we are celebrating with, The New American. All of the ingredients in this cocktail are from the American Continents, hence the name.


The New American

1.5 oz Old Grand Dad BiB

.5 oz Damiana Liqueur

.5 oz Salted Honey Gomme

1 oz Clafified Carrot Juice

2 oz Bitter Bitters

3 drops Chili Oil


1.Stir with ice

 2. Strain into large coupe

3. Garnish with tarragon and 3 drops Chili Oil

Cheers and Enjoy!